Noodle Bar

AUTHOR: Luciano Gerbilsky /Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos
TYPE OF PROJECT: Comercial Restaurante
LOCATION: Ciudad de México, México
AREA: 190 m2
DATE: 2009

Bamboo, white color and subtle lighting, make Yoma Noddle Bar a serene and welcoming space to spend time in. Its design reminds us of Japanese esthetic combined with contemporary style: A clear example that in simplicity you find elegance.
The walls are made of bamboo wood that covers the perimeter, accompanied by a fine line of lighting, make up the main touch of the design of the inside of the restaurant. Wood is the predominant material used on the walls, flooring, furniture and for the partition of the kitchen from the rest of the space. Cubic benches and rectangular tables combine with the general concept. The Take Away area is also designed with a simple counter made with the same materials and earth tones on the walls.