Esquina del Té

AUTHOR: Luciano Gerbilsky /Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos
TYPE OF PROJECT: Comercial, Tienda de Té
LOCATION: Condesa Hipódromo, Ciudad de México
AREA: 100 m2
INTERVENTION: Diseño e Interiorismo
DATE: 2010

This Tea Room has a French City feel with distinct interior design elements of this chain with several stores in the city. The essence of the interior space is based on the two-colored painted wood. The combination of the gray and provençal yellow offer a sensation of refinement. The floor is made of black stone, the ceiling is stained wood and the walls are painted in the corporate lime green.
Another key element is the lighting set in the celling and spot lights which shine on the furniture. The gran cupboard attracts attention from outside through the window to the street. Every detail of the counter, the lighting and furniture combine to create the brand of this classical shop.