DWM 2017

AUTHOR: Luciano Gerbilsky /Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos
TYPE OF PROJECT: Expo Design House Octubre 2017 (Design Week México)
LOCATION: Polanco Ciudad de México
INTERVENTION: Diseño, Interiorismo y Paisajismo
DATE: 2017

A wellness center is created, where through a journey of the senses, the functionality of each environment is discovered. The atmosphere begins on the staircase, enjoying the relationship between vegetation and art, arriving at the reception area where music and aroma take a substantial role and facilitates relaxation. In the following space we find the purification zone where water and plants become the most important elements. Indirect lighting plays an important role in the setting, in the relaxation room, sculptural beds await us to clear the mind in an ideal climate. The trip ends at a splendid garden that communicates with the outdoor terrace, flanked by a mirror of water in harmony with the view of nature, transports the mind to an area of relaxation and recreation.