Design House 2015

AUTHOR: Luciano Gerbilsky /Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos
TYPE OF PROJECT: Expo Design House octubre 2015 (Design Week México)
LOCATION: San Miguel Chapultepec, Ciudad de México
AREA: 200 m2
INTERVENTION: Diseño e Interiorismo
DATE: 2015

The space is based on a luxury hotel suite in an exotic location. It is divided into three areas defined by its functionality. In the central area is the bed accompanied by a desk, bar and a scenographic interpretation of a window. In the adjoining area we find the bathroom, divided into a dry area: dressing room and dressing table; and a wet area: tub, sink and shower. Finally, the most conceptual and experimental area is the terrace balcony of the suite, through an abstract tree, woven canvases that represent the vegetation and the floor composed of marbles and stones of silver glass simulating the grass.