Château · SMA

TYPE OF PROJECT: Residencia uni-familiar
LOCATION: San Miguel de Allende · Guanajuato
AREA: 860 m2
DATE: En proceso

Located within a vineyard, this holiday residence project is surrounded by olive, grape and lavender plantations. The design is based on two areas, one containing the social areas and the other private. In the central one, there is an open area with gardens and a water mirror as a stream with waterfalls that is born in the area of the external access and is part of the landscape architecture ending at the bottom of the property next to the terraces and pool, thus generating a visual connection. A helical staircase receives us behind the lobby, generating the volume that connects and distributes the circulation to the different areas of the house. In the basement there is a large wine cellar that will house the bottles produced in the vineyard.